The Benefit of a Rich Marketing Strategy


Did you get some exclusive Belgian Chocolates for Valentine’s Day this year? Or maybe you gave some away to your favorite squeeze.

Quality Belgian chocolates are one of those luxuries we like to give each other to mark special occasions and show our appreciation for those around us.

Many of us love the rich, dark sensory pleasures of chocolate.

How Rich is Your Content?
When it comes to content marketing you need to give your clients content that is as rich and exclusive as those handmade chocolates. You need to develop and publish the kind of content that makes visitors to your site, your YouTube channel, your podcast, etc, squeal with delight.

In short, your content marketing should be yummy!

Make People Feel Special
One of the best things you can do with the online content you create is to directly address readers, viewers or listeners’ needs, concerns or problems. It’s even better if you do so in a way that makes them feel they’re being directly spoken to.

You’ll notice that I’m writing to you right now. Yes, you! By addressing the visitor as like you, rather than being more reserved and more formal, you actively bring people into your communications.

Talk the Right Way
“Hey, how you doing? … I’d like to thank for coming along to listen to the show….Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to check this out….”

Many videos and audio podcasts by solo entrepreneurs or small businesses, looking to build an audience and customer base online, have that easy-going, personable approach. The second you encounter their content you immediately feel at ease.

Many of them will ask for feedback, offer to answer questions, and provide help for free. And you can bet that if they do receive feedback or questions, they respond, thanking so and so by name for getting in touch.

This makes people feel special.

With corporations, though, you often get a more formal, more reserved approach with, say, an impersonal narrator creating distance between themselves and the viewer.

Ask the Right Questions

A tactic I use is in my email sign-up is to ask people when they confirm their subscription to let me know the one major marketing challenge they face. Yes, I invite them to send an email directly to my inbox.

I always reply with a unique response to the 60 percent of people that respond to this question. You’d be surprised how that first personal response helps build a better connection and starts new conversations.

In B2B that is vital: you want people to talk to you. You want potential customers to feel positive about contacting or approaching you.

Listen Carefully, Act Responsibly

Some business folks are too keen to sell that they don’t stop to actually listen to what potential customers are saying.

There’s no point going on about your brilliant widget to a potential customer whether online or off if you haven’t listened carefully to their needs, concerns or requirements.

Don’t focus on the sale; focus on providing what your prospect needs. You’re likely to win a returning customer if you genuinely provide what they are looking for. Whereas someone who’s nagged into a purchase will vanish, never to be seen again.

Sometimes I choose to send people away to other businesses that I recommend if I think they can help them better than I can. This is only turning down business on the surface; you’d be surprised because if that works out the person will them come back to me for something else that I can help them with. It’s about building trust.

Give A Piece of the Farm Away

A good friend of mine is very suspicious of content marketing. She thinks she should be paid for every bit of content she creates. After all, she works hard to churn out some great ebooks and digital training products. Really good quality stuff.

Her approach is to charge for everything, which, of course, she’s perfectly entitled to do.

Sometimes, however, it’s okay to give a piece of the farm away; for example, some of the digital marketing strategy and tactics I discuss with fee-paying customers I willingly share on the social media and blogs posts I publish.

I’ve learned over the years that just because I give something away doesn’t mean I won’t see a return on it. Quite the opposite, actually: the more I give away for free, the more business comes my way as a result of the content I put out there.

Make Your Marketing Special

If you produce quality, meaningful content that melts in the mouth of the visitors who come across you online, and package it in a service-minded mentality that really sees people and their needs for who and what they are, you’ll win people over with a recipe for success.

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