Simple Tips For Your Content Marketing Success


The success of your content marketing always rests on whether you’re getting the right message in the right format to the right audience and in the right way.

It sounds simple in theory but you’d be amazed at how many (small!) businesses can’t work this out.

Identify your audience?

Are you selling services, consulting, products, you name it? Before you know who to target, you need to clarify what you’re actually selling in the first place. Otherwise, how will you know what content to create in the first place?

The next step to achieving success with your content marketing is to figure out where you’re prospective clients actually are! Small businesses in Stockholm? B2B marketers in Chicago? French-speaking CEOs? It doesn’t matter what you’re selling if you’re not actually talking to the right people in the first place.

Find out where they are online, create a content marketing strategy document that includes details of where prospects hang out online and let your team know about this. You and your team need to understand exactly who you’re are targeting.

Get the medium right for your message!

Some people struggle with words or don’t have time (or energy) to read online content. They’d rather hear from you in short bursts. Or better still, not even wade through readily identifiable marketing content in the first place.

If you’re a restaurant, for example, why not reward with a 10 percent discount on lunch of the day or coffee? That way, you’re just using a location-based service as a punch-in. You don’t even have to have a website or blog, to make the most of this kind of online marketing.

Alternatively, create a YouTube channel if your clients don’t have time to read. Video content on the web is increasing and often the preferred choice of many, especially those looking for help or tips on how to use your products. It’s getting so much easier to create video content with the Flip camera and ScreenFlow for screencasts. iMovie on a Mac even makes it simple to edit and upload your video to YouTube.

The Bottom Line

If you’re working on a small budget, it’s vital you work out very quickly how your audience is going to consume your content and connect with your content.

If you can, talk to customers – either in person or on social media sites. If not, gather data like nobody’s business and track what’s working and what’s not. There’s no secret answer to what form of online content marketing is best; you just need to find the right content form that works for your customers.

What do you think?

What channel should you invest in if you’re on a limited budget? Is blogging better than a YouTube channel? Or do you have to have both to succeed?

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