Should You Start a Business Blog?


There’s a brilliant post over at Copyblogger on the Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing by the ever-erudite Sonia Simone.

One of the points Sonia makes is that “#1: No one is reading your blog.” Or to paraphrase her sentiments slightly; you have to come up with an original, thoughtful kick-ass copy to find and keep your audience.

Although I agree with Sonia that business bloggers have to do something special to strike a chord with their audience, please don’t be put off blogging by this kind of comment.

No one gets thousands of readers overnight.

It takes time, commitment, and regular blogging to build a worthwhile site. Oh, and a good portion of communication strategy, skill as well as luck.

Even if you only have 100 daily readers compared to the hundreds of thousands that some of the big bloggers have, you’ve still got a community that you can work with and grow.

Don’t despair if you haven’t got a massive readership. There seems to be something in the blogosphere at the moment that suggests that you’ve got to be one of the big guns to attract business. That’s not the case.

Even a small readership can affect the outcome of your business if you’re providing quality content in your business blog and you have engaged, active readers.

Stick with your blog. Continue to provide useful resources, helpful information, and engage in conversations. People will come back. And if you provide enough calls-to-action, people will start to look at what you’ve got to offer.

The point of entry has definitely risen in the last few years. There are so many social media strategists out there providing useful information that business bloggers have improved –drastically. Still, it’s worth remembering that some people will use scare tactics to put you off.

A new blog can still bring benefits to your business. You’ll need to tend to it and grow it. And it won’t necessarily be easy to do this. But there are still plenty of benefits to be had if you go about it properly.

Go on, give it a go!

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