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I was reading a business blog this morning that admitted that: “Most of our website visitors come in the “front door” and never visit this blog.”

If I was mentoring this nicely designed and well-written blog, the one thing I would encourage to combat this would be to share useful content. And make that really visible on the front page of the company site.

Googling for knowledge

The bottom line is that many of us fire up Google to find information or knowledge. I often look for help for how to do something with, say, my office set-up like sharing printers across a wireless network.

As business bloggers, it’s great to talk about our services and expertise, the things that cross our desk or interest us; but the one thing I’ve found that wins you business with a blog is sharing useful content.

It brings back people time and again. They get used to turning to your blog for help and advice. And that can transfer into a real business.

So today’s post is a short one, but the takeaway is simple:

  • share great, really useful content on your blog.
  • keep doing it – across all your online platforms.

Then watch your traffic, network, people’s trust in you and your business grow.

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