New Customer – How to Find ?


Acquiring a new customers costs 5 – 10 times more than keeping one you already have if you’re going to grow your business you need to reach new people. Trouble is, that’s not always easy.

So how do you find new customers?

1. Study Your Competitors

Look at where they are active. How do they communicate with their new customer? Through the Net? Direct mail? Tele-marketing?

Check out how Google views your competitors. Can you do something to perform better? Are you working at your SEO?

Do your competitors participate on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? And if so, how?

Perhaps you can find new customers simply by engaging with the community, addressing their needs in a more human way rather than, say, pushing offers and services at people all the time.

Remember that data is knowledge. It will give you the leverage to improve the way you work. By collecting data on how your competitors attract customers, you may spot areas where you yourself can improve. Make researching your competitors a regular part of your work.

2. Study Your Customers

Learn as much about your existing customers as possible. Even if your goal is new customer. The path your existing customers took to finding you is valuable terrain. Understand it!

Look them up on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in. Where do they hang out? What do they talk about? What interests them? Which bloggers, for example, write about the branch of business you’re in? Find ways to talk to them that will build relationships. Be like the old corner store who knew everyone and was willing to provide great service. Don’t be a faceless corporation just looking to sell.

By studying your customers you’ll find they’re connected to similar people. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to establish new and valuable contacts.

3. Communicate Effectively

Once you know who your competitors are and how they work and have an understanding of your own customers and the networks they participate in, it’s time to tweak (or develop!) and implement your business communication strategy.

Find ways to get your message out there, but remember this is a lot more complex than it used to be.

  1. Blog – to build your online presence, show your skills and invite customers and potential customers to talk to you.
  2. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, etc, – be helpful, fun, unique and service-minded.
  3. Help people understand what you can do for them. Learn from Apple’s wonderful iPod campaign “1000 songs in your pocket”
  4. Be everywhere.

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