Do you really have to worry about BlackHAT Technique and Google’s Algorithm Updates?


Hey everyone, it’s been quite a long time since I published my last post.

Here we are going to discuss why we should focus on WhiteHAT SEO Techniques. If you are not sure what is WhiteHAT and BlackHAT Techniques in SEO, I would recommend you to read this article.

Well! Being a Trainer, I’m receiving the same question often regarding SEO Techniques and Google’s Algorithm Updates. One of the first questions is “Can we use BlackHAT Techniques to our website to get quick traffic?”. My answer to this question always would be “If you are depending on Google’s Organic Traffic, Yes, you should not do BlackHAT Techniques.” Because there are more changes that you will be penalized from Search Engines for violating their policy. Pretty confusing right?

The next question into their mind would be, “What will happen if my website got penalized? Will my website no longer be available for end-user?”.

Now to be clear, NO! The Internet will not block your website. Your site will be Blocked only from the Search Engine’s Index and not from the internet. 

Scenario 1: Having too many ads on a page.

Let’s assume that we are implementing too many ads per page on the first level fold. Pages with too many ads above the fold now being penalized by Google’s “Page Layout” algorithm updates.

So now in the above example, if you search your website URL in Google, it will not be available since your website was blocked by Google’s index. But still, people can access your website and explore in other ways like by clicking socially shared links. Or even by entering URL directly into the browser.

Example 2: Ethical Cloaking (or multiple redirects)

If you are an affiliate website, obviously you may want to track your performance of the traffic. So you may want to redirect the traffic to your affiliate website and then to your destination page. So that you could analyze the report later. One way or another this redirection is mandatory for the affiliate site.  If you don’t do it properly, you will be penalized from google. But still no matter, you can get traffic from other sources.

Adding reason to my original answer along with the examples, If you people are planning to get leads or traffic to your website from Google other Search Engines, you may need to follow their guidelines and follow WhiteHAT Techniques.

And, If you don’t focus on Search Engine traffic you may not worry about BlackHAT or WhiteHAT. Because, Search Engines can block your website only in their respective database, not from the entire internet.  Apart from Search Engines, there are lots of ways to generate traffic to your websites. Like I said, You may not to worry whichever HAT it is. 😉

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