Content Marketing – How long does it take to work?


If you’re starting a new online business – or transitioning your existing business to the web – and have decided to use content marketing to promote your business and build your brand, you’re probably hoping it will yield results very quickly. Or even immediately!

The bad news is it won’t. After three months you probably won’t’s see much return on your investment, after 6 months you might see a glimmer of results, after 9 months your approach will start to be discovered by more people, and after 12 months you’ll know for sure that it’s working. And that’s if you commit to a plan, regularly create excellent online content for your marketing initiatives and track your metrics to know how you’re doing.

You Need to Be in it for the Long Haul

Content marketing takes time because your business is coming out of nowhere. Google simply won’t put you on the first page of their search results – unless you’ve got money to throw at a pay-per-click campaign.

My personal recommendation for building your digital presence is to start a blog as blogs do pretty well in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). However, no matter what blog marketing gurus might tell you, even though blogs are great for SEO, you don’t get to the top of Google’s search results overnight.

It takes time and commitment, regular writing, a bit of tweaking to your code, and bloody-mindedness. I could also add a unique voice, an ability to vary your content with different media (text, video, audio) but I don’t want to scare you away.

The Economy of Links

To do well in Google search you need to get quality links to your site from other established websites – and that doesn’t just mean buying them from some crappy link farm. And getting links is much harder than it used to be.

The best way to get links is to ensure that your online content is:

  • really useful
  • helps people with a specific problem or issue
  • answers a question people have
  • entertains visitors to your site
  • engages them
  • and is presented well (hint: visitors to your site make judgments based on your site design within seconds)

Outstanding Content marketing

To get links, build an audience of readers and hopefully turn them into a community of clients who return again and again for your services or products, you’ll also need to invest in words, audio – say a B2B podcast– and video.

Professional freelance content providers or agencies can help bring a professional edge to your content marketing if you don’t feel able to handle it yourself or don’t have anyone in-house.

As I’ve said before, businesses often focus too much on the tools and technology when starting out with content marketing; however, you mustn’t lose sight of the fact that it’s your content in conjunction with the quality of your design and SEO that will win you business.

Free, No Strings Online Content Marketing Appraisal

If you’re not sure how your current content marketing is working for you, or you feel you’re not quite getting the results you want, get in touch and I’ll provide a no-strings 1-hour review of how you’re doing. I’m happy to provide feedback on Skype, in person if you’re in the Chennai region, or by email. To get in touch.

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