Add Personality to Your Business Blog


The old adage “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply to business blogging anymore. The Net’s awash with noise and for your business blog to stand head and shoulders above the rest –no matter what kind of business you’re in– you need to invest time, energy, and effort. You also have to write with personality.

People don’t like interacting with logos; they like talking to people.

Business is Personal

One of the things I’ve learned about selling my consulting services is, that people care about who you are. It’s not enough to offer great service and competitive rates. They also like to know something about who you are. What do you stand for? How do you talk or whether you listen?

That’s why it’s important that any business blog –a window into its soul if you like– should convey something of the personality of the people behind the blog.

10 Strategies for Adding Personality to Your Business Blog

  1. Post a video; talk to your audience from time to time
  2. Share recommendations or things that have caught your eye
  3. Free yourself from corporate copy and write in a more personal tone of voice
  4. Be human and admit when you’ve made mistakes, but also provide solutions
  5. Respond regularly to comments and show that someone’s actually listening
  6. Keep things real and get away from fine-tuning everything you write
  7. Think of your blog as an ongoing conversation, not a broadcast
  8. Post interviews or conversations to varying the tone of your blog
  9. Get several people to contribute and give them the freedom to use their own voice
  10. Include plenty of pictures; don’t just expect readers to wade through the copy

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