6 Small Landing Page Changes That Make A Big Difference


It’s recommended that you split test each design change you make. I recommend Visual Website Optimizer.

Next to content, web design is a critical element to any website’s success. Not only does this count for visual interest, but it also determines whether you end up having loyal or disgruntled site visitors. While many end up spending far too much getting their web design revamped, it shouldn’t always be this way. In fact, there are a lot of small (and cheaper) tweaks you can do in order to make your website look and feel better.

  1. Logo
    One of the primary components you can tweak on a landing page is your business logo. Since it is the first thing your site visitors see, you may want to consider altering it a bit.  You can try to soften the edges or outline your logo’s letters to give it a fresh touch.
  2. Background
    Another subtle change you can make in landing page is your background. The key here is to have one that doesn’t distract your readers when they’re attending to your content but should go with its overall aesthetics. Incorporating a two-color gradient is a great way to give your background a good facelift. This effect also gives an overall soothing and classy feel, which will definitely work for your visitors.
  3. Colors
    This is one of the easiest alterations you can do in your landing page. The only tricky part is choosing the best colors possible to represent your brand well as well as make your website even more appealing. If your choice of hues has been quite outdated, give your site a fresh new look by changing the shades of the colors. This allows for a bit of change without compromising your brand identity.
  4. Lighting
    Think of this as taking a photograph. Proper lighting can add a dose of drama and depth to any shot. This, in turn, makes the subject stand out more. The same principle can be adapted by your website. If you need a certain portion of a page highlighted, then you can shed some light on it. So if you want your call to action or logo to be more noticed, then consider more and better lighting.
  5. White Space
    Most clients go crazy when they hear about adding more space to their website. Even if they want to maximize every bit of space to place in their products and services, it doesn’t always work to their advantage— much like walking to an overwhelmingly cluttered store.A very effective change is to allow more space, even at the very least on your home page. You need to trust that your site visitors/customers will want to learn and click more to go deeper into your site.  So add more spaces between your images, columns, and sentences. Minimize those ads, scroll bars, and other distracting elements you know your site can live without.
  6. Placement
    This change doesn’t call for too much effort but can surely create a better impression. Instead of doing the old practice of placing your contact information at the footer, why not place it as a header? This way, your visitors’ recall of your company will be a lot better.

The beauty of web design is it doesn’t always need a complete overhaul. All it takes are a few adjustments to make an impactful difference.

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