6 Evergreen Search Engine Optimization Techniques Explained


Good search engine optimization (SEO) requires the ability to adapt and utilize many different techniques at once. Yes, there are tried and true longstanding SEO techniques that still work and probably always will. For example, putting your keywords in your title and in the first sentence and last paragraph of your page is still generally a good idea for a well-optimized page. However, if you really want to get the most out of your SEO efforts, you’ll need to also utilize some of the lesser-known but very effective SEO techniques. Below you will find six uncommon SEO techniques explained.

1. Upload Your Own Transcript File To Your YouTube Videos

In general, YouTube has become a very powerful way to drive targeted traffic to your website. This is partly because Google tends to rank YouTube video pages higher than other pages with similar content. Most of the digital marketers knew the importance of including their keywords in the title and video description. They also knew they should include a clickable link to their website in the video description since this will appear on the page just below the video and “above the fold” on many computer screens.

There was a time when all you had to do was the most basic SEO as described above for your YouTube videos to rank well and generate some good traffic. However, the competition is really beginning to heat up now that more online marketers have caught on to the power of YouTube videos in their overall marketing strategy. You, now have to go a few steps further to achieve those coveted top YouTube links in Google’s search engine results.

One such step is to upload your own transcript file to your YouTube videos and include a few extra keywords in the text. To do so, go to the “Edit Captions/Subtitles” link and click on the upload transcript file. As with most SEO techniques, it is important not to go overboard with this technique or you could potentially be flagged for keyword stuffing.

2. Get Your Link On Professional Association Sites

In some cases, you may be able to join a professional association and pay for a description and link to your site. However, this will have much less effect than links on professional association sites that do not allow this. To get your link on these sites, you may have to really work for it but the benefit will be huge so it is well worth the effort. Whatever your field of expertise, look for events put on by the professional associations in that field. Contact the association and offer to give a talk at the event. If your offer is accepted, you can expect publicity announcements, including on the association’s website. This will often include their speakers’ profiles. This is your chance to ask for a link to your website and most likely have this honored. In fact, you will likely be able to ask for the link to be worded precisely the way you want it to be, i.e. you can include a targeted keyword.

3. Create Press Releases With Your URL

This is certainly not an unknown technique as some online marketers use it repeatedly to drive traffic to their site(s). However, it is definitely an under-utilized technique. In many cases, PRWeb.com is used because it is easy to get even a mediocre press release accepted there if you follow the basic rules. It also gets propagated around the web many times over so some online marketers consider it a big bang for their buck, which is for the most part. However, you can also submit press releases directly to newspapers for free if you have an actual event going on and give a URL for more information.

It’s quite easy to do and almost always accepted by local and regional-based newspapers desperate for local news. In most cases, you can submit these press releases via email so it is quite convenient. The best part is that many local and regional newspapers archive their articles so you may get a permanent link on their news site, a high-quality link indeed. If you are really lucky and you have something substantial to report such as a really big event, your press release with the embedded link may also get picked by the Associated Press and then it will go viral and end up on thousands of webpages quite literally overnight!

4. Keep Your Website Off Low-Quality Directory Sites

It can be really tempting to accept a link from any site. However, you will be protecting your website’s SEO if you politely decline all low-quality links. This may sound counter-intuitive at first since you have probably been conditioned to think that the more links you have the better. However, this is not true. If your URL starts to show up on too many low-quality sites, Google will view your site as being associated with “bad neighborhoods.” True experts in SEO know that it is just as important to protect your site from getting too many links in bad neighborhoods as it is to get links in good neighborhoods. There is only a handful of truly worthwhile internet directories. These include Best of the Web, Yahoo, DMOZ, and Business.com as well as some high authority niche directories.

5. Make Your Titles More Enticing To Click

Here’s an example of how and why to make your titles more enticing. Someone optimizing the title for a relationship page may be tempted to use some of the most popular relationship keywords. They may create a title like:

“Digital Marketing Training Institute – 100% Placement Assistance”

While this title contains a very popular search term, “Digital Marketing Training,” right at the beginning of the title, and maybe the start of optimizing the entire page for this popular search term, it is not the best choice to entice a person to click on it. Here’s why. When someone scans the search results, they tend to quickly scan the first few words as their eye flows down the page. “Digital Marketing Training” does not push any particular emotional buttons so it doesn’t get clicked on as much even if someone actually searched for something like, “Best Digital Marketing Training.” This means the excellent and emotionally charged long-tail keyword, “Award Winning Digital Marketing Course” will be entirely missed by many eyeballs, not to mention the fact that the word “Award Winning,” essential to the emotional trigger, will be cut off in the search engine results in many cases since “Training Institute” make the whole title so long.

You can often generate more traffic to your pages by not focusing on optimizing your titles for the most popular key phrases and instead optimizing them for key phrases that do a better job at pushing emotional buttons. Changing the title above to just plain:
“Award Winning Digital Marketing Course” may improve your traffic enormously. You could also use something like:
“Top Rated Digital Marketing Course” to make it even more enticing for a person scanning the results to click.

6. Make Your Pages Longer and Fill Them With Amazing Content

You’ve likely repeatedly heard and read the phrase, “Content is king!” However, few online marketers seem to REALLY get what this means so it is being included in this list of “uncommon SEO techniques.” Posting a bunch of low quality 300 – 700-word articles on your website or blog is not good content and it’s not going to make you the king, or queen as the case may be. Google loves to see sites that have truly earned the respect of others. They attempt to judge this by the number and quality of links pointing back to a site and/or a particular page. They look at other factors too such as how many Google Pluses the page gets. However, Google’s algorithm engineers aren’t stupid either.

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