Content Marketing is an integral part of Digital Marketing and writing great content is key to get the clicks and traffic to your website.

You can write great content but if no one clicks on them then it’s useless. The title of the content is the first hook and your only chance to capture a reader’s attention. Below are the 4 things to consider while you write great content.

Things to consider for writing great content

  • The Internet audience has a short attention span. Remember that your audience is Internet users and the Internet is all about instant gratification, the quicker and simpler you get to the point the better a read you will provide.
    Grab a reader’s attention, make your points and close the deal. Most people do not want to read 5,000 words on “how to buy a video camera.” 500-900 words make the best content.
  • Deliver what you promised in the title. It is important to stay on point in the content when writing effective content. Don’t go off on tangents, stick to the subject.
    I came across an article once about Cheap Cruise ship Vacations and the author began his content with 1 whole paragraph on how he took this great cheap cruise, but the only problem was he lost his luggage and then he found it, and how helpful the Cruise employees were…
    I wondered: Who the DUCK 😂 cares! AND What does this have to do with cheap cruise ship vacations?
  • Don’t be Verbose. Again, content that is too long is not effective and you will lose your readers before they make it to your link. Make your points clearly and with as few words as possible. Most main ideas can be delivered in just a few sentences. Condense! Condense! Condense!
  • Present the Problem/Need and Offer Solutions. Most people read content online because they have a problem to solve, a need, or a want. Give readers a solution, a call to action, provide clear and simple definitions, instructions, steps, etc…
    I have seen so many articles that do not do this. They give 800 words and not one single concrete way to resolve the original promise within the title. If your title is “Laptop Buying Guide”, then I better see a guide, with features and components important to buying a laptop.
  • Edit for Typos and Grammar. This is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone makes mistakes and typos can happen but, if your content is full of misspellings and grammatical errors you look like an illiterate and you will lose all authority.

Writing is not always an easy task. But, don’t worry all it really takes is some practice and the more you do it the better you will get. Below is the standard type of content that will help you to start writing great content.

4 Types of Standard Content Titles:

  • Questions: Questions drive people crazy and are very effective in titles to get clicks.
    • Example: Are you Using the Right Digital Marketing Strategies?
  • Lists: People love lists and steps because they are simple and have the image of providing quick and easy solutions.
    • Example: 5 Ways to Promote your Websites
  • Creating Doubt: This is another great way to get the click and it’s a great hook because it makes the reader doubt what they know and makes them want to find out what they’re missing.
    • Example: Digital Marketing is Not What you Think!
  • Sensational Statements: These work great because they capture the curiosity of a reader and create doubt and they just can’t help but click.
    • Example: If you don’t read this Marketing Guide you Won’t Make Money

Outsourcing your writing jobs to paid writers is a great option as long is it is cost-effective and you can afford it. The fees vary drastically and can range anywhere between $10 – $50.

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