10 Ways to Increase Blog Conversion

Let’s face it. One of the prime reasons for writing a B2B business blog is that you want to up the conversion rate of all that web traffic your SEO and pay-per click campaigns generate.

Getting a stack of visitors to your site might be one thing, but it’s worthless if you have a 90+ percent bounce rate, with visitors leaving before they’ve even had a look around your site.

So here are: Tips to Help You Convert Traffic into Sales

  1. Be 100 percent of your business’s key value proposition before you even create your blog
  2. Get a professional designer to design a website that balances your copy with appropriate call-to-actions, ensuring they’re visible above the fold.
  3. Ask your designer, working in collaboration with your copywriter, to help you funnel traffic to squeeze pages or landing pages on your site.
  4. Make the sign-up, check-out or content process as easy as possible: i.e. keep clicks and forms to a minimum.
  5. Use opt-in newsletters to promote your services and funnel traffic to landing pages to increase conversion rates.
  6. Offer money-back guarantees or free trials for your services to persuade customers to make that first step and get in touch.
  7. Include testimonials on your landing pages, clearly placed above the fold. But don’t over do it.
  8. Use A/B testing to fine tune headlines, graphics, pricing, et., for the best conversion rates, documenting results as you go.
  9. Offer a variety of contact methods – phone, Skype, email, webinars, etc, – so customers can contact you the way they prefer.
  10. Use multi-media content such as videos, slides, audio, etc, to convey just how unique and valuable your key value propositions are.

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